Planned elimination of the intercampus shuttle

The issue

Updated December 12th, 2019. The issue has evolved over time. For earlier descriptions of the issue, see the archive.

  • UC Davis has operated an intercampus shuttle between its Davis and Sacramento campuses for over 30 years. Many riders have shaped their lives around the service in its current form, e.g., buying homes, setting up childcare and school enrollment, and organizing two working parent schedules.
  • The current intercampus shuttle service is well-used and well-liked. Positive aspects include: efficient and direct campus-to-campus route, high capacity for riders (60+) and bicycles (12), comfortable seats that allow for productivity and rest, seatbelts, and low cost.
  • UC Davis is planning to eliminate the intercampus shuttle (effective April 2020) and is directing intercampus commuters to a new Yolobus/SacRT public transit line. The new line will not be managed or controlled by UC Davis.
  • The UC Davis administration did not investigate the needs and priorities of existing intercampus commuters prior to deciding that the public transit route would be a suitable substitute for the intercampus shuttle.
  • Intercampus commuters have worked directly with the transit agencies responsible for the new route (particularly SacRT), and the agencies have made substantial changes to the original plans in order to better serve the needs of intercampus commuters. The agencies have increased the frequency of service and have added express buses. Despite riders’ repeated outreach to UC Davis, these improvements were only achieved by riders reaching out directly to SacRT.
  • The new service still has several major shortcomings compared with the existing service. The buses will lack seatbelts and the express service will have reduced capacity for bikes.
  • Although it has recently expressed greater interest in listening to riders’ needs, UC Davis has still failed to make a formal commitment to maintain direct intercampus connectivity in the long term. It will have little control over the new public transit route, and if the route is discontinued after its 3-year trial period, intercampus commuters may be left without a transit option.

Path To Yes!

At the Nov. 18th SacRT and YCTD board meetings, the SacRT board instructed their staff to work with the current ridership to find out what a “Path To Yes” (i.e., a minimum acceptable transit service) would be by the Dec. 9th, 2019 board meeting. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg also reached out to the riders via Julia Burrows to work with us.

On Nov. 22nd the “Across the Causeway Transit Riders Collective” released their “Path To Yes” vision to SacRT, YCTD, Mayor Steinber, and UC Davis. You can view this vision in the:

Path to Yes Document

Media coverage

Official Information From Involved Agencies

Social Media #ucdshuttle

Personal stories

Read personal stories about the importance of the shuttle in riders’ lives.


Intercampus commuters’ demands of the UCD administration have been endorsed by multiple groups:

Fact-checking UCD’s claims

Fact checks last updated Dec 12th, 2019. As the plans have changed over time, so has the fact-checking. Fact-checks from earlier periods can be accessed in the archive.

Reasons for the change

Claim: The bus services are changing because ridership in recent years has been in decline [1].
Fact: The data used to justify the shuttle cancellation is flawed:

  • The planners have reported on ridership data gathered by headcounts provided by the charter bus service. However, more careful analysis indicates that the dataset is incomplete. By contrast, long-time riders have reported that ridership has steadily increased.
  • The planners are estimating current and future revenue from flawed back-of-the-envelope calculations rather than using real ticket sales. Their calculations of current ticket sales estimate $3.50 in sales per bus (1-2 riders), which is likely off by an order of magnitude.
  • The planners have yet to collate, analyze, and/or provide data collected on ticket sales through TAPS and the cashier’s office.

In the town hall meetings, Mr. Dulcich acknowledged the new transit line is justified by inaccurate ridership and revenue values.

Claim: UCD cannot afford to keep the current shuttle line.
Fact: At all four of the Nov 6 and 7 town hall meetings, no budget hardline was provided that indicated that UCD could not afford the current shuttle line. One simple solution that has yet to be explored is to retain the current shuttle system and sell tickets to the general public to offset the costs. Mr. Dulcich responded that it’s an “interesting point”.

Claim: The new bus line will save us money and make the university “recession proof.”
Fact: According to Mr. Dulcich during the Nov 7 town hall meeting, UCD plans to contribute the same monetary amount toward the operation of the new public bus line, thus not resulting in any saving.

Features of the new buses

Claim: New buses will be attractive and preferred for the active users.
Fact: The ridership has expressed major reservations with the proposed changes, as can be seen in the open letter sent to decision makers like Chancellor May and published on this website. Within the first week, the open letter has been signed by > 558 people. Preferences of the active users have largely been neglected with no polling that explicitly lays out route and schedule options. At one of the town hall meetings on November 6th, 2019, the ridership requested to be polled and were told that we will hear by November 15th, 2019 about the option to do a poll. No polling option was presented. Recent improvements to the planned schedule were only achieved by riders reaching out directly to SacRT.

Claim: The new buses will not have seatbelts because it’s normal to not have them.
Fact: In 2006, a UC Davis shuttle bus flipped over on Highway 50 traveling at 65 mph, sending 20 passengers and the driver to the hospital [2,3]. There were no seatbelts on the bus, but UCD responded by making sure the current ones do. The lessons of the past cannot be forgotten.

Claim: There are enough buses during the peak-commute hours to accommodate the demand for bike rack space.
Fact: Recent internal surveys show that 75% of the buses had more than 3 bikes on board; at peak commutes, they often have 8 bikes, and they used to have more than 8 before the current cap of 8 was instituted. Riders will not reliably be able to bring their bikes between campuses. We will need to pay for a second bike and leave one on each campus, which can cost an additional $20/month for secure parking on each side, according to the plan explained by Mr. Dulcich at an October Causeway Connection town hall meeting.

UC Davis’ commitment to its stakeholders

Claim: The new transit line is here to serve UC Davis affiliates.
Fact: The new line will be 100% owned by Yolobus and SacRT [4] and understandably, it is in their best interest to serve the greater community and not UC Davis affiliates. Mr. Dulcich said UC Davis will be able to monitor how much UCD affiliates are utilizing the new transit line by analyzing ticket sales.  However, SacRT, which will sell the Causeway Connection tickets, will have no means to distinguish UCD-affiliate ticket sales from general public ticket sales. Despite riders’ repeated outreach to UC Davis about problems with the proposed route and schedule, recent improvements to the planned schedule were only achieved by riders reaching out directly to SacRT.

Claim: The UCD leadership is involving their stakeholders.
Fact: The Electrify America grant funding the bus purchases was awarded in June 2018, indicating that these decisions have been in the works for at least 2 years. None of the committee planning meetings thus far have had a shuttle riding representative present, nor were any informational sessions scheduled until shuttle riders repeatedly demanded them. At multiple times in the past when shuttle riders suspected new decisions had been made, riders had to send repeated requests for information and updates before any meaningful response was received.


1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –

Voice your concerns

The UCD administration has implied that they view the open letter (signed by > 500 people) as representing the opinions of only a few people. It is important to show them they are wrong by submitting individual responses via the options below:

  • Yolobus is collecting rider feedback:
  • Social media: use hashtag #ucdshuttle when you post


Shuttle riders’ statement (published October 31, 2019)

Below the statement is a list of signatories. Intercampus commuters may sign the letter here.


An open letter regarding the planned intercampus shuttle elimination

We are the UC Davis Intercampus Shuttle riders, and we write to express our deep disagreement with the proposed cancellation of the intercampus shuttle service. The University created the shuttle as a campus-to-campus transit option to serve its employees and students. Now it has decided to eliminate the approximately 30-year service. Intercampus commuters are being forced, with no say in the matter, into a new and vastly less appealing service that is not managed by UC Davis.

We are disturbed by the University’s exclusion of the current ridership from any meaningful planning decisions. We firmly request that the shuttle be retained in its current form. Many of us, from students to staff to professors, will revert to driving due to the change, putting the proposed changes in conflict with the university’s sustainability and zero emissions objectives as well as the intent of the Volkswagen emission scandal settlement funds. Some may even terminate UCD employment due to the changes because they have already made residence-to-work plans around the shuttle service.

The new Yolobus/SacRT public transit line is a major improvement for the broader community, but it is not a suitable substitute for the intercampus shuttle. UC Davis leadership’s cancellation of the shuttle is a disturbing rejection of the UCD Principles of Community and its duties to serve its diverse community, especially given its recently renewed commitments to expand its community partnerships in relation to the Aggie Square initiative.


The UC Davis Intercampus Shuttle has served the UCD employees, faculty, students, volunteers, and patients for over 30 years. The growth of the medical center campus spurred the need for a reliable transit service to connect the two locations through the 20 mile separation. This service has become an integral part of hundreds of riders’ lives. Many riders have made large personal decisions to rent and buy homes near the bus stops, to organize childcare and schooling, to not own a car or own fewer cars, to accept and to remain at UCD jobs, and to support families with jobs in both cities. The best estimates show that some 400+ rides occur each day, and the riders have only observed the shuttle getting more popular over the last decade. The service provides a safe, comfortable, and reliable shuttle that makes the causeway commute as tolerable as possible given the current transportation options.

The shuttle serves a unique population. Facilities staff often take the earliest 5:30 am buses, 9-5 staff ride in peak commute hours, and faculty who have positions spanning the two campuses use it to get to meetings. UC Davis personnel can live in affordable housing and still work at UCD, and medical patients living in Davis have access to the services in Sacramento. Affiliates who cannot drive, along with student medical and government interns, are able to use the service for half-day commutes and more.

A broad spectrum of UCD affiliates choose to take the shuttle for a variety of reasons, all of which are important to their lives. Many have structured their lives around the service as it is and has been for three decades or more, solidifying it as a known constant in the ridership’s lives.

Why we ride the shuttle

If asked, the current riders will mention many different aspects that make the shuttle service, in its current form, a positive commuting experience. The combination of the low cost and the rapid end-to-end commute time are likely the most valued features. The bus travel time is 25 minutes at its best, but the 1.5 hour-long commute on the worst peak hour transits is tolerable because of the direct route between the Davis and Sacramento campuses. The current cost of $45/month or $1.50/ride is significantly cheaper than any combination of other services suitable for a 20 mile commute: public bus, light rail, Amtrak, and personal automobile.

The shuttle starts at 5:30AM and operates until 9:00PM, allowing riders who work early to use transit  as well as those who work late or need to stay in the respective city past work hours. Riders can work, sleep, read, and chat on the commute with the dedicated comfortable seats that recline and that have lighting and power outlets for each person. This opportunity for work and/or rest provides major benefits for productivity and happiness. Happiness is known to be a significant factor in choosing how to commute and where to work.

The popularity of bringing bicycles on-board the bus is huge. The current buses have carried up to 12 or 13 bicycles in the cargo bays over the last 3 years. Riders love how this allows them to solve the “last mile” problem on each end of the transit service. We are certain if more bicycle spots were available they would quickly be filled.

The shuttle also helps address the problem of limited and expensive housing in Davis by providing a fast and direct connection to an area of Sacramento with relatively affordable housing. Conversely, Davis residents that commute to Sacramento can take advantage of living in a small family-friendly town and avoid commuting through Sacarmento’s core. The bus is a private service and thus riders avoid many of the issues users endure in public services (e.g. noise, safety, cleanliness, discomfort, and multiple stops).

In the spirit of the UCD Principles of Community, regular shuttle riders have built strong  relationships. Many of us met each other on the bus and now share experiences both at work and outside of work.

Why this will put more cars on the road

As we understand from the limited provided information, a new public transit route will be initiated when our shuttle service is terminated. The proposed SacRT/Yolobus route will introduce 4 additional stops between the current direct connection, raising the best commute times to a minimum of 50 minutes (from 25 minutes) and the worst to 2 hours. The proposed inclusion of one 30-seat express bus per hour during peak commute times does not adequately address this problem because (a) nearly all current shuttle riders would need the express service and (b) it is not planned to run during off-peak times. The elimination of two of the three campus stops will force those riders to walk further; for as long as 25 minutes.

Further, the planned 6AM to 7PM operation window eliminates 2.5 hours of service daily, cutting out the early morning employees and those that need to stay late and conflicting with evening class periods. The buses have half the number of seats as the current buses and many riders will be forced to stand for the duration of the commute or miss the desired bus. The bus will no longer provide a comfortable atmosphere for working or resting to maximize our productivity as students and employees. The bus will lack seatbelts, a major safety oversight given the high speeds and traffic on the causeway.

Costs are stated to rise for most riders. For example, UCD employee and graduate student costs will increase from $45 to $70 per month, although we understand UCD Health employees costs will decrease from $45 to $35 per month. For less frequent riders (< 30-40 rides per month) who rely on day-of single ride purchases, costs will increase by 70%. The increases amount to $300-$500 more annually for regular riders. Daily riders riding less than 30-40 rides per month would not save any money by purchasing the monthly pass, as is possible now.

The buses will carry 10 fewer bicycles than they currently are capable of, and riders will have to purchase a second bicycle and pay an additional $20/month to use the secured bicycle parking on each end.

The route between Sacramento and Davis/UC Davis is already covered by multiple express/commuter transit options (Amtrak and the Yolobus 43, 43R, 44, 230, and 232). The fact that shuttle riders do not use them is strong testament to the fact that they would also not use the new public transit route. Many riders say that the current shuttle is only marginally slower than driving, and they prefer the shuttle because it allows them to be productive during the commute. It will be difficult to be productive on a transit-style bus with multiple stops, making the substantially increased commute time of the new service even less tolerable.

UCD leadership must recognize that shuttle riders represent a unique transit demographic. Riders cannot be expected to simply switch to the next-best public transit option.  Eliminating the UCD intercampus shuttle will cause a large number of current riders to return to the environmentally, socially, and economically damaging use of personal automobiles across the causeway.

UCD has excluded intercampus commuters from planning and decisions

We believe that UC Davis has a sincere interest in addressing faculty, staff, and student needs with its transportation services. We are writing this letter to convey our transportation needs because we do not believe that they have been adequately considered yet.

A likely reason why the proposed public transportation alternative does not meet commuter needs is that the planners have thus far demonstrated highly unsatisfactory communication and engagement with us. Until October 29, we had not received any communications about the shuttle service changes, including when requested directly and repeatedly over three months. Integrated cross-campus communication on parking and transportation issues has been essentially nonexistent for years. Riders have had to develop and manage our own listserve to effectively advocate our input.

Those who attended the open houses were explicitly told by UCD and other project staff that the planners were uninterested in surveying users to learn more about their needs. Planners focused on justifying already-made decisions and brushed off numerous rider suggestions and requests. It was clear that the administration considered most decisions finalized and/or under the purview of Yolobus/SacRT rather than UC Davis.

UCD’s obligation to its community

We rely on UC Davis leaders to uphold our Principles of Community’s values of environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and service. UC Davis’ decision to cancel the intercampus shuttle, and its exclusion of stakeholders from the planning process, have caused us to question  leadership’s commitment to these values.

The fact that the UCD planners view the new SacRT/Yolobus route as a suitable substitute for UCD’s shuttle service reflects a troubling detachment of UC Davis leadership from its stakeholders’ needs and a questionable vision for environmental stewardship, workplace quality, and community service.

Careful consideration of the impacts and external perceptions of its decisions is important now more than ever as UC Davis seeks to forge new relationships, attract collaborators, and generally strengthen its presence in Sacramento through the Aggie Square initiative. UC Davis has cleverly capitalized on the new Yolobus/SacRT electric bus service and has framed the VW scandal-funded service as an example of its own innovation. However, long-term connectivity between the Davis and Sacramento campuses is going to be dependent on actual commuters’ needs rather than short-term publicity and flashy optics. We believe that UC Davis is capable of innovation without alienating its diverse student body, employees, and neighbors — and that this is infinitely more likely with adequate dialogue and stakeholder engagement.

Conclusion and vision for the future

A careful examination of the needs of intercampus commuters reveals that

  • the current intercampus shuttle service is well-liked, well-used, and highly effective, and
  • the new SacRT/Yolobus route, while certainly a major improvement for the broader community, emphasizes UCD-Downtown connectivity rather than an efficient and comfortable commute between UCD campuses.

UC Davis leaders currently seem to be operating as if current intercampus shuttle riders will readily switch to the new Yolobus/SacRT service. In reality, the increased commute time, reduced capacity (person and bike), and reduced comfort will lead many current shuttle riders to revert to driving themselves rather than switching to the new public transit line.

Our request to UC Davis is as follows:

1. Retain the intercampus shuttle in its current form alongside the new Yolobus/SacRT line

As daily and near-daily commuters between Davis and Sacramento, we can attest that these lines serve completely different user groups: the intercampus line focuses getting UCD students and employees between campuses and from residential areas to their workplaces, whereas the Yolobus/SacRT line connects businesses and institutions. We are confident that retaining both lines will lead to improved transit for a much larger number of people.

2. Include shuttle-riding stakeholders in any decision-making surrounding the intercampus shuttle

We have been shut out of all meaningful decision-making thus far. Many consequential and irreversible decisions were made before ever consulting riders, and current outreach sessions appear intended to placate riders rather than to meaningfully address their concerns. We therefore suggest a mechanism that ensures that riders’ needs are meaningfully addressed: official voting power in planning decisions and membership on the Administrative Advisory Committee for Transportation. We are a diverse group with the collective knowledge, experience, and intelligence that can only help make transit better for the University’s students and employees.

The ridership wants to see a future that offers:

  • Abundant, frequent, fast, and affordable mass transit options that connect Davis and the Sacramento region
  • Less traffic congestion, fewer single occupancy vehicles, dedicated bus lanes, light rail connections that span cities, and less pollution
  • Opportunities to live where we want and need to live
  • Simply happier commuters

There are possible changes to our beloved shuttle service that would be major positive gains to our and future riders’ lives. We would love to work with the planners and decision makers to make this future a reality.

Current and propsective intercampus commuters: sign the letter

650 signatures


This letter has been signed by (updates periodically):

650 Nicolas Fauchier-Magnan Staff
649 Laura Yang Undergraduate
648 Sarah Dimitratos Ph.D. Candidate
647 Dorothy Hoang Asst. Clinical Research Coordinator and Graduate Student
646 Sophia Bamert Graduate Student
645 Tiffany Wiriyaphanich Graduate Student
644 Merve Demir Graduate student
643 Jason Dekarske Graduate Student
642 Emel Akdogan Ph.D. Candidate
641 Eduardo Gonzalez Graduate Student
640 Summer Cortez Graduate Student TA
639 Abby Lavine Grad Student
638 Daniel Pap Postdoc
637 Rachelle Tallman Graduate Student
636 David Potts Admin IV
635 Fanny Lee Graduate student
634 Lucia Borges Project Scientist
633 Elizabeth Pierotti Grad Student at Center for Mind and Brain
632 Allison Fulton Graduate Student
631 Shikha Kothari M.S. Student and Graduate Researcher, Health Informatics Graduate Group
630 Skye Kelty GSR
629 Kelley Patten Graduate Student
628 Beatrice Chaidez Staff
627 Jessica LaCourse Undergraduate
626 Richard Feltstykket Staff
625 MONT HUBBARD Professor Emeritus
624 Kayla Lickey Alumni
623 Celine Liang Undergraduate
622 Samantha Linton Postdoctoral Researcher
621 Doreen Joseph Graduate Student
620 Cheyanne Harris Graduate Student
619 Elizabeth Berg Graduate Student Researcher
618 Axie Acosta Junior Specialist
617 Sayantani Sarkar PhD student
616 Rachel Sniderman Junior Specialist
615 Valeria La Saponara UCD Professor, Mech and Aero Engineering, Davis Faculty Association Board Member
614 Einat Waizbard Bartov Graduate Student at the MIND Institute
613 Kevin O'Connor Specialist / Intra-operative neurophysiologist
612 Lorenzo Bustos Graduate Student | Teaching Assistant
611 Andre Sillas UCD Lab Manager
610 Scott Kresie Graduate Student
609 Teryn Heckers Staff
608 Brianna Heath Lab Manager
607 Jan Bramson UCD Administrative Course Support
606 Irina Chukhray graduate student
605 Subhadip Dey Graduate Student
604 Alejandra Corby UCD
603 Selin Gumusderelioglu Graduate Student
602 Jesse Koklas Graduate Student
601 Rebecca Shilts Exec.Asst. to Exec.Director, MIND Institute
600 Bernadett Bosze Postdoctoral fellow
599 Yuxin Chen Graduate Student
598 Abdulhai Naqvi graduate student
597 Elizabeth Garman Admin
596 Lauren Mabe Graduate Student
595 HILLARY SUTTON Graduate student
594 Kyle Proehl UCD Graduate Student
593 Laura Tuller Graduate Student/TA
592 Sun Il Kwon Assistant Project Scientist
591 Veronica Thompson Graduate student
590 Barbara Gunn
589 Aaron Selfridge BME Graduate student
588 Debra Tacad Ph.D. Student
587 Samuel Winter Graduate Student
586 Lucia Luna-Victoria UCD Graduate Student
585 Darcy Bostic Graduate Student
584 Gwyneth Manser Ph.D. Student
583 Karen Holcomb Graduate Student
582 Alana Stein Graduate Student
581 Peter Russell Undergraduate
580 Jennifer Brown PhD candidate, UCD Mathematics
579 Emily Shea Graduate Student
578 Benjamin Osipov Postdoctoral Scholar
577 Karen Bretz UC Davis undergrad
576 Abdullah Refaey Graduate student
575 yiran wang graduate student
574 Rachel Baarda Graduate student
573 Ramsey Badawi Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
572 Sara Winsemius PhD Student
571 Stanislaw Majewski Visiting Professor
570 Nicholas Santos Staff
569 Rich Pauloo PhD Candidate
568 Noah Pflueger-Peters Staff
567 Emilie Roncali Associate Project scientist
566 Yang Zuo Postdoc
565 Guobao Wang Asscociate Professor of Radiology
564 Jose Ballesteros Staff
563 Nicole Coggins Postdoctoral Research Fellow
562 Ilse Pastor Center for Neuroscience / Jr Research Specialist
561 David Hawkins faculty
560 Kimberly Steinmann
559 Lisa Musilli Johnson UC Davis job applicant and frequent arboretum, museum, event and activity supporter
558 Manali Paralkar student
557 Stacey Greer Director, History Project
556 Luis Gallardo UCD employee
555 Nathaniel Curiel Staff
554 Yoshikazu Takada Dermatology, Full Professor
553 Tuyet Hoang UCD Staff
552 Elizabeth Vasile Clinical and Translational Science Center/Community Engagement/Associate Director
551 Yoko Takada Staff Research Assistant
550 Karen Moxon Professor
549 Forrest McKenzie Staff Research Associate
548 Meg Sparling Office of Research
547 Colton Harmon Student dining-lead cook
546 Soo Park Junior Specialist
545 Mark Chin Alumni, Geography Graduate Group
544 Amber Davis Postdoctoral Fellow
543 Cory Coleman Research Data Analyst
542 Felicia Yen Student Assistant
541 Monica Lieng PhD Candidate
540 Brad Ander Assistant Adjunct Professor / SOM:Neurology
539 Andrew Gordon Postdoctoral Scholar
538 Alexa Hechtman Staff
537 Yachiyl Fernandez UCD undergrad
536 Stefan Lundgren PhD Candidate
535 Elliott Perry Research Assistant
534 Jordan Rixon Graduate student
533 Anna Garverick Undergraduate Student
532 Cal Stone UCD Graduate Student
531 Elizabeth Reay Safety Manager
530 Estella Irizarry Retired
529 Sylvia Bustillos Resident in District 6
528 Corinne Quizon UCD Student
527 Jean Meagher UCD graduate
526 Liz Li PhD Candidate
525 Yihan Jin Graduate Student
524 Melina Devoney Grad student
523 Claire Lozano Graduate Student
522 Karl Zahlhaas Liebner UCD Student
521 David Rizzo Professor and Chair, Department of Plant Pathology
520 Nycole Copping Graduate Student Researcher
519 Sergio Losada UCD Staff
518 Hannah O'Toole UCD Student
517 Katharine Holm PhD Candidate
516 Emily Fourie Graduate student
515 Bodie Knepp Student / Undergraduate Researcher
514 Clifford Saron Research Scientist
513 Susan Rivera Professor and Chair
512 Lauren Gloekler Graduate Student
511 Daniel Castaneda PhD Student - History
510 Patrick Dwyer Graduate student (psychology), UC Davis
509 Shuban Ranganath UCD student
508 Sarah Gooding Graduate Student
507 Deema Alabduljabbar Student
506 Dionisius Gunadi Student
505 Ruhi Garg Student
504 Rose De Kock Graduate Student
503 Ella Davidson UCD Undergraduate Student
502 Neeraj Senthil Student
501 Andrea Drayton SRA
500 Adit Jain Student
499 Caitlin Banks Graduate Student
498 Daniel Moglen Education and Training Specialist - CTSC - UCD Health
497 Sarah Vejnoska Graduate Student Researcher
496 Elias Jbeily UC Davis Undergraduate student/ Research in Sac campus
495 Alisa Sokolova Student
494 Jillian Strom Student
493 Allie Brunson Undergraduate/student lab assistant
492 Melinda Quan Student
491 Denise Zhong Student
490 Sarah Kahle Postdoc
489 Jaleel Jefferson Neuroscience Graduate Student
488 Brett Anderson Analyst - SOM Dean's office
487 Eva Ferino Staff
486 Natalie Finnegan Student Assistant
485 Brenda Scalzi Staff, Director, SHCS
484 Girard Dunn Student
483 Eve Banas Student
482 Zachary Skalak Undergraduate
481 Caroline Newell Junior Specialist
480 Audrey Maskiewicz Undergraduate Researcher
479 Emily Mills Ko Postdoc
478 Steven Ruder Staff
477 Andrea Schneider Associate Research Scientist
476 Kathryn King Junior Specialist
475 Aubyn Stahmer UCDHealth Faculty
474 Meghan Miller Assistant Professor
473 Kathryn Prendergast Graduate Student
472 Johanna Del Castillo Project Scientist
471 Evlyn Pless Visiting Graduate Student
470 Resmi Ravindran Staff
469 Rachel Wulff Staff
468 Lauren Bullard Graduate Student Researcher
467 Nada Dalloul Junior Specialist
466 Carlos Carrasco Graduate Student
465 Theresa Garcia Staff
464 Aarthi Sekar Grad Student
463 Marian Ramos Staff
462 Timothy Fenton Staff
461 Vivian Nguyen Staff
460 Leona Kelly Staff
459 Caitlyn Wong staff
458 Claudine Anglo Staff
457 J Faye Dixon Psychiatry
456 Sarah Nelson Graduate Student Researcher
455 Greg Disse Student
454 Ye Hyun Hwang Graduate Student
453 Laurel Beckett UCD Distinguished Professor Emerita, on recall, School of Medicine
452 John Olichney Professor of Neurology
451 Caroline Keeshen Graduate student
450 Jessica Famula SRA II
449 Aryss Hearne Undergrad Student
448 Crystal Herrera Lab Research Supervisor
447 Nicole Diab Staff
446 Derek Andrews Postdoctoral Scholar, MIND Institute
445 Jose Uribe-Salazar Graduate Student, Genome Center
444 Ingrid Leckliter Staff
443 Ashley Williams Graduate Student
442 David Hessl Professor
441 Brendan Cohn-Sheehy MD/PhD student
440 Lauren Granillo Graduate Student
439 Megan Dennis Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
438 Linda Chen Staff Research Associate
437 Stela Petkova PhD Candidate, Neuroscience | MIND Institute
436 Jared Stokes Department of Psychiatry, Postdoctoral researcher
435 Joshua Lee Post-Doc
434 Meaghan Kay Bi-campus staff, Asst. CRC
433 Brett Dufour Postdoctoral Researcher
432 Lillianna Valdoivnos Clinical Research Coordinator
431 Michelle Bagood Graduate Student
430 Dennis Hartigan-O'Connor Associate Professor
429 Thilo Gross Professor of Computer Science
428 Mitchell McCartney R&D Engineer
427 Cristina Davis Professor and Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
426 Stephanie Fung Graduate student
425 Costin Tanase Department of Psychiatry, staff
424 Sarah Tang Postdoctoral Researcher
423 Brian Reid Project Scientist
422 Alexander Schmidt Doctoral student
421 John Davis Undergrad Student
420 YUANYUAN LI postdoctor
419 Dianna Francis Analyst
418 Javier Lopez Assistant professor
417 Andrew Fox Assistant Professor of Psychology
416 Ryan Davis Assistant Project Scientist
415 Emanual Maverakis Professor of Dermatology
414 Amy Becker Graduate Student
413 Shengzhou Shan Visiting graduate student in Department of Dermatology
412 ana-maria iosif Department of Public Health Sciences, Professor
411 Kan Zhu postdoc
410 Sven Hausner Project Scientist
409 Paul David Terry Staff
408 Chelsea Dappen Learning Specialist
407 Priscilla Tjandra Graduate Student
406 Kevin Fong Graduate Student
405 Jonathan London Associate Professor/ Human Ecology
404 Maury Hull Department of Biomedical Engineering, Distinguished Professor
403 Theresa McGuirk Bi-campus staff, R&D Engineer, PM&R Dept
402 Arpana Vaniya Postdoctoral Scholar
401 Rhonda Oates Interim Associate Director of Campus Veterinary Services
400 Christal Wintersmith Graduate Student Serivces Advisor, Biomedical Engineering
399 Carolynn Patten UCD SOM/Professor
398 Alena Casella Graduate Student
397 Porter Harrast Graduate student
396 Abigail Niesen Graduate student biomedical engineering
395 Rachel Reeves Bi-campus Staff, Clinical and Translational Science Center
394 Cesar Canales Center for Neuroscience, Postdoctoral MIND institute fellow
393 Sergi Simo Assistant Professor In Residence
392 Tanishq Abraham Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student
391 Alex Panoutsopoulos Postdoc
390 Julie Schweitzer Professor
389 Kent Leach Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery
388 John Werner UC Distinguished Professor, Ophthalmology
387 Benjamin Spencer Project Scientist
386 Heather Hughes Graduate Student
385 Richard Levenson Professor and Vice Chair, Dept. of Pathology and Lab. Med.
384 Xiangnan Zhou BME graduate studnet
383 Pete Sariano Graduate Student
382 Lucas Smith Assistant Professor - Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
381 Jamal Lewis Assistant Professor
380 Andrew Hernandez Postdoctoral Scholar Radiology
379 Brittany Dugger SOM Department of Pathology and Lab med/Assistant Professor
378 Earl Carstens Distinguished Professor
377 Xiaonan Liu
376 Tracy Warren Graduate student
375 Eduardo Silva Faculty
374 Rebecca de Frates Graduate Student Researcher, Neuroscience
373 Kennedy Allen Graduate Student
372 Susan Stover Professor
371 Justin Fitzgerald UCD BME & NPB / GSR / Graduate student
370 Cassidy Mileti Graduate Student
369 Janani Aiyer GSR in Radiology
368 Keon Anderson Graduate Student
367 Alba Alfonso Project Scientist
366 Sunny Lyu Graduate student
365 Valerie Porter Biomedical Engineering PhD Graduate Student
364 John Boone Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
363 Taryn Loomis Graduate student
362 Randy Carney Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
361 Marissa Gionet-Gonzales Graduate Student
360 Tomas Gonzalez Fernandez Postdoctoral fellow
359 Simon Cherry Professor
358 Karen Parra Graduate Student
357 Kent Pinkerton Professor
356 Maheen Rashid PhD Candidate/Research Assistant
355 Marissa Franke Graduate Student
354 Danielle Kim Graduate student
353 David Rowen Staff
352 Susan Gorman Physician
351 Loubna Tazi Assistant Professor, Medical Microbiology & Immunology
350 Alan Nguyen Graduate Student
349 Nancy Nguyen staff research associate
348 Juan Tamayo Graduate student
347 Jamin Roh Graduate Student
346 Chelsea Kelland Graduate Student
345 Stephen McSorley Professor
344 Iannis Adamopoulos Associate Professor, Internal Med
343 Nicole Capdarest Head, Blaisdell Medical Library
342 Albert Contreras Lecturer / Graduate Student
341 Jay Bhatt Graduate Student
340 M Isabel Casanova Graduate Student
339 Zann Gates Staff
338 Hannah Starcevich Graduate Student
337 Bryan Roberts Staff
336 Karen Kalanetra SRAIV, Food Science and Technology Dept.
335 Bennett Haffner SRA I
334 Jessica Kwok Staff
333 Marian Schlotterbeck L&S, Associate Professor of History
332 Patrick Fitzgerald Staff Research Associate II
331 Luis Valdiviez SRA III
330 Bonnie Hain-Anderson LIbrary: Head of Circulation, ILL, and Reserves
329 Helena Chang Staff
328 Stefan Rothenburg Associate Professor, Medical Microbiology (IOR MMI 480B)
327 Rayne Milner Master's Student in ME
326 Mariana Guedes Weber Graduate Student
325 Jeremy Till Graduate Program Coordinator, History Department
324 Justin Darr Graduate Student, Institute of Transportation Studies
323 Jonathan Lin Graduate Student
322 Malina Gillies-Doherty Academic Advising Supervisor
321 Tima Dehghani Graduate Student
320 Peter Brantley Director Online Strategy, UCD Library
319 Scott Hardman Professional Researcher
318 Derek Sisneros Supervisor, UCD Library
317 mahya Saffarpour Graduate Student
316 Lattha Souvannaseng Staff and former UCD graduate student and post-doc
315 Hajar Amini Neurology/Postdoc
314 Kelly Paglia Project Manager, Metabolomics Lab
313 Hannah Houts Graduate student
312 Paramita Ghosh Professor
311 Rene Suleiman Graduate Student
310 Amy Studer Health Science Librarian, Blaisdell Medical Library, UCD Library
309 Mark Yarborough Professor
308 Michelle Hu Graduate Student
307 Hexi Huang
306 Emma Grigg Lecturer/staff research associate PHR vet med
305 Katie Dahlhausen Former Graduate Student
304 Robert McMurry Staff/UCD R&D Engineer
303 Min Zhao Dermatology, Professor
302 Keavagh Clift Staff
301 Maya London Staff
300 Lisa Gaynes Practice Manager, MIND Institute
299 Elan You UCD Student
298 Tanya Tang Staff
297 Lorie Dilts UCD Health - Contracts Analyst
296 George Yang Graduate Student Researcher
295 Sylvia Bergeron Staff/Admin Assistant
294 Samia Yunus IM/Nephrology/ ADmin
293 Tsimnuj Wesley Yang Graduate Student
292 Alex Gulachenski Graduate Student
291 Kohtaro Tanaka Assistant Project Scientist
290 Eleanor Schwarz Professor
289 Maria Malvina Tsamouri Graduate student
288 Christopher Lucas Graduate Student
287 Maria Mudryj Professor
286 Jan Ng Graduate Student
285 Anna Kawiecki Graduate Student
284 Kristina Kelly No affiliation
283 Elva Diaz Professor, Dept of Pharmacology
282 Delia Roberts UCDH CAO
281 Maryam Afkarian Associate Professor, Dept Medicine
280 Grace Woodmansee Graduate Student
279 Stuart Cohen
278 Michael Rawls Graduate Student
277 Jeff Kessler Research Affiliate
276 Ernst Bertone Oehninger Graduate Student in Ecology
275 Paulus D UCDH
274 Jeannette Martins staff
273 Melanie Burt-Schipke UCD SVM Curricular Office
272 Baback Roshanravan Associate Professor, Dept of Medicine/nephrology
271 Susana Rivas No offiliation, Optometry office manager
270 Satya Dandekar
269 Lani Landayan UCD
268 Rachel Olson Graduate Student
267 Ling Chen Assistant Professor
266 Abigail Ray Graduate Student
265 Yufei Qian UCD Graduate Student
264 janice wu UCD
263 Mollie Ogaz Grad student
262 Jon Sack Associate Professor
261 Tonya Fancher Professor
260 Vikrant Singh Project Scientist
259 Barbara Shacklett Professor
258 Latika singh post-doc
257 Kathleen Wisdom Administrative Assistant
256 Zachary Trowbridge UCD
255 Caty Franco Former UCDMC Employee
254 Lauren Huntly UCDMC OBGYN Student Assistant
253 Jeffrey Uppington Clinical Professor
252 Fernanda Guizar Graduate Student
251 Krista Marshall PhD student in the Department of Plant Sciences
250 chue xiong UCD/UCDMC Research Administrator
249 Beth Boylan Grad student
248 Denis Dwyre Professor
247 Madeline Nieves-Cintron Pharmacology/ Assistant Professor
246 Patrick Leung Professor
245 Weici Zhang Asst Adj professor
244 Elizabeth Barajas Staff
243 Kristine Naegeli Staff
242 Janice Bell Associate Dean and Professor, Betty Irene Moore SON
241 Asher Hudson PhD student
240 Luis Salazar UCD Graduate Student
239 Jennifer Ciccarella Staff, ____Admin Asst III
238 Juliana Wu Graduate Researcher
237 hanne jensen professor
236 Joseph Stewart Postdoc
235 CHAMAYO YNIGUEZ SHDS/ Associate Director Dining Services
234 michael wilkes Professor
233 Taylor Becker Graduate Student
232 Nina Venuti Graduate Student
231 Fred Schipke Administrative Ofcr/Exec Assistant to the Chair of Internal Medicine
230 Liberty Galvin UC Davis graduate student
229 Jay Solnick Professor emeritus
228 Claire Adkison Graduate Student Researcher/Teaching Assistant
227 Isaac Shaker Lab Manager
226 Arra Jane Concepcion UC Davis Health staff
225 Eleonora Grandi Pharmacology/Associate Professor/IOR
224 Daniel Tran Design MFA candidate
223 Manuel Navedo Pharmacology Professor / IOR
222 Colleen Clancy Professor
221 Delaney Roth Staff/ Jr. Specialist
220 Doug San Staff
219 Noreen McIntyre Staff, ____Admin Asst III
218 Corey Todd Sacramento student
217 Jennifer Nill Postdoc
216 Silvia Lane PBG Supervisor
215 Michael Smith Sacramento
214 Janet Foley Professor
213 Daniel Kozar PhD Student - Hydrologic Sciences
212 Emily Marie Purvis PhD Student in the Graduate Group in Ecology
211 Iris Holzer Graduate Student
210 Johanna Heyer Graduate student, teaching assistant
209 Lalitha R Graduate Student
208 Maria Gutierrez Associate professor
207 Javier Garcia Graduate student
206 James Dean Student
205 Paulina Carmona Neurology/Postdoc
204 Jonathan Eisen Professor, UCD, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Evolution and Ecology, Genome Center
203 Ariesha Wikramanayake Graduate Student
202 Krista Thongphanh Student extern
201 Yasser Abdul Bagi UCD Student Employee
200 Angie Gelli
199 Heike Wulff Pharmacology/Professor/IOR
198 Johannes Hell Professor and Vice Chair of Pharmacology
197 Daniela Cerbino UCD Graduate Student
196 Julie Bossuyt Associate professor
195 Tyler Jackson UCD Graduate Student
194 Jennifer Waldo Graduate Student
193 Randy Beach Student
192 Kinsey Tarplee Undergraduate Student
191 Nadean Brown Professor Cell Biol & Human Anatomy
190 Kathryn Blaisdell SOM, Staff in Davis, part of UCDH
189 Quinn Sorenson Postdoctoral scholar
188 Meaghan O'Keefe Assistant Professor in Religious Studies
187 Cristina Moya UCD Assistant Professor
186 Lin Tian Associate Professor
185 Fiona Buchanan Graduate student researcher
184 Bennett Penn Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine
183 Tom Buckley Associate Professor
182 James Wrigley UCD Alumni
181 Vladimir Diaz-Ochoa Postdoc
180 Devin Rippner Post-doc
179 Jose Franco UC Davis Staff
178 Tiffany Lowe-Power Asst professor
177 Gurmun Singh UCD student
176 Quynh Luu UC Davis Student
175 Ashley Brown Graduate Student
174 Maham Javed UC Davis Student
173 Abel Corona UCD Student
172 Anne Taylor Prospective Student
171 Joan Ashby Undergraduate student
170 Julian Halmai GSR
169 Jocelyn Park Student assistant
168 Marc Facciotti Genome Center Associate Professor
167 Nathan Tran Undergraduate Student
166 Tom O'Donnell Staff
165 Rosa Gil postdoc
164 Curtis Bacy Davis
163 Sarah Shannon Sacramento
162 Elisse Wright Student
161 Nick Anderson Associate professor
160 Nestor Kippes Genome Center PostDoc
159 Linh Huynh Davis
158 Hannah Savage Postdoctoral Fellow
157 Alonna Wright Graduate Student
156 Ross Josephs None
155 Sheri Pieper LCSW at UCD Health campus
154 David Segal Davis
153 Angela Wh UCD Student
152 Grace Mason Postdoctoral Fellow
151 Andy Lim
150 Owen Yancher Works on campus
149 Emily Becher Graduate Student
148 Jacob Kline Undergraduate
147 Ulrika Beitnere Davis
146 Aaron Curtin Former student and employee
145 Diana Taft Post-doc
144 William Andrews Student
143 Evan Zhao Undergraduate Student
142 Daniel Neal Alumnus
141 Pyi Kyaw Undergrad BME student
140 Oliver Bublitz Alumnus
139 John Ragland Dept of Psychiatry/Professor
138 Van Pham UCD Undergraduate
137 Michael Hess MMI/Research Administrator
136 Clarissa Santos Rocha Assistant Project Scientist
135 Nat Mullen Student
134 JR Colmenero PhD Candidate, UCD English
133 Crystal He Undergraduate
132 Carole Hom Academic Coordinator, College of Biological Sciences
131 Hannah Culkin Undergraduate Student
130 Palmira Ancona Sacramento
129 Grace Jeng PhD Student
128 Miriam Rivkin Student
127 Arcadio Bolanos Associate Instructor - Spanish Department
126 Dan Hsu Project Scientist
125 Hanna Kahl Ph.D. Student
124 Janine LaSalle Davis
123 Renee Tsolis Professor
122 Charles Mordaunt Postdoctoral Scholar
121 Karla Lindstrom Student/Fellowship Coordinator
120 Austin Phan Student
119 Jessica Mizzi Graduate Student
118 Isabela Jauregui Undergrad
117 Devin Murphy UCD Student
116 Stephanie Ha Student
115 April Ferre Staff Research Associate III
114 Destanie Rose UCD PostDoc
113 Sara Centers UCD Disability Student
112 Kayleigh Nealon Undergraduate Student
111 Emily Thai Undergraduate Student
110 Paul Ashwood Professor
109 Sarah Smith Graduate Student
108 Thoeren Hollis UCD Student
107 Rosey Morearty UCD Undergrad
106 Jamie Hansen-Lewis Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
105 Donis Edwards Staff/Health Sciences Libraries
104 Mariam Asghar
103 Russ Zochowski Disability Specialist IV
102 Nicole Howard Nutritional science
101 Fernando Anguiano UCD Undergrad
100 Anna Anguiano Undergraduate/former employee
99 Miguel Hernandez UCD Masters Student
98 Pei-Chi Yang Associate Project Scientist
97 Marisol W. Wolf UCD Junior Specialist
96 Mike Tentis The Mondavi Center / Campaign and Digital Marketing Manager
95 Adam Ali Alumni
94 Mohinee Sharma Student
93 Samuel Ross UCD Student
92 Esther Lai Student
91 Anna Skarr Student
90 Vanessa Marquez Undergraduate Student
89 Caitlin Kieran PhD student
88 Aaron Gomez Staff/ Division of Student Affairs
87 David Doty Assistant Professor of Computer Science
86 Jen-Ann Lee JD Candidate, 2022
85 Marie Krug Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Psychiatry
84 Stephanie Ly Undergraduate
83 Sumire Okada Student Research Assistant at MIND Institute
82 Ester Clark Sacramento
81 Nethanel Harris UCD Student
80 Antoine Abrieux Postdoctoral Fellow
79 Fei Li UCD Staff
78 Tiffany Wong Undergraduate
77 Robert Saper Graduate student and Sacramento resident
76 Erica M UCD Staff
75 Camila Sanudo Thomas Student
74 Adiba Zahidi UC Davis 3rd year undergraduate student
73 Emily Flores UCD Staff
72 Rachel Ray Managing Attorney, UC Immigrant Legal Services Center
71 Ferguson Mitchell UCD Staff
70 Robert Takemoto Center for Comparative Medicine
69 Brandon Louie UCD Staff
68 Kelley Chu Student
67 Zachary Muilenburg Student and Sacramento resident
66 Nichole Lewis Graduate Student Researcher
65 Dan Quillan SRA2 Art Department
64 Megan Brown Student Health & Counseling Services, College Counselor
63 Elizabeth Grant UCD Geology PhD Candidate
62 Brian Murray Programmer III
61 Bob Wiley Volunteer
60 Carter Yang Education Analyst
59 Jim Rodgers Operations Manager, SPLICE IP Clinical Ed/NP Residency Inititives, School of Nursing
58 John Zanze Staff/Lead Directory Services
57 Stella Mancillas Staff
56 Sean Donohoe Postdoctoral Researcher
55 Joël Porquet Assistant Professor of Teaching, Computer Science
54 Jackson Badger UCD Chemistry Doctoral Candidate
53 Laura Compton UCD Communications Specialist
52 Kristen George Postdoctoral Scholar
51 Frank Sharp Distinguished Professor
50 Saba Mohtasham Staff
49 Natalie Butcher Associate Director of Career Services
48 Tatum Phan Student Health & Counseling Services, Counseling Psychologist
47 Yemi Olowoyeye Risk Analyst
46 Jamie Metcalfe Uc Davis medical center resident
45 Robert Craig Davis campus/IET staff
44 Minhhan Lam
43 Abbey Hart Graduate student, Ecology; staff, Arboretum and Public Garden
42 Martin Kim Staff
41 Veronica Vriesman PhD Student - Geology
40 Reina Smarkel Senior Career Advisor, Internship and Career Center
39 Rose Cabral Staff
38 Alissa Magorian Grad Student, School of Education, and Staff, Enrollment Management
37 Adam Musser PhD Candidate, School of Education
36 Stacy Judkins UCDMC Medical Office Services Coordinator
35 Kenny Lam UCDMC/Senior Pharmacist
34 Amy Fletcher SRA - Pilot plant manager
33 Rebecca Stein-Wexler UCDMC radiology/Professor
32 Clarissa Reyes Graduate Student, Horticulture & Agronomy
31 Sophia Tan Undergraduate Student
30 Jennifer Weil Academic Coordinator, Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy
29 Marta Llorente Bravo UCD Spanish and Portuguese Department/ PhD Candidate and Associate Instructor
28 Ashish Shenoy Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
27 Rachael C. Staff
26 Michelle Cohn Postdoctoral Fellow
25 Karrin Alstad SRA Dept of Viticulture and Enology
24 Konnor Davis UCDH Employee
23 Julia Jennings Graduate student
22 Kynnedi Hartzfield Undergraduate
21 Hyunsoo Kim PhD Student
20 Valdemar Kovaliov Undergraduate, Medical Interpreter
19 John Yoon Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
18 Alexis Singh UCDH Employee
17 Ayla Norris USDA Biological Lab Technician, UCD Affiliate Staff
16 Anne Whitaker Lecturer, University Writing Program
15 Kathryn Giebler UCDH Employee
14 Sam Roodbar Grad Student
13 Kim Nguyen Undergraduate
12 Clare Cannon UCD faculty
11 Alice Fisher Research Data Analyst, UCD Department of Public Health Sciences
10 Mary Cadenasso Professor, Plant Sciences
9 Alana Firl staff
8 Tara Ursell PhD student
7 Jason Moore Assistant Professor of Teaching, Mechanical Engineering
6 Lisa Rosenthal Ecology PhD student
5 Derek Young Postdoctoral Fellow
4 Emily Uttinger Undergraduate
3 Ambarish Kulkarni Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
2 Mikel Delgado Postdoctoral Fellow
1 Dan Melzer University Writing Program/Associate Professor and Director of First-Year Composition